A Course to Stay - Frederick Harrison (Signed Edition)

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Admiral Philip Bergen, Director of National Intelligence, is caught between the demands of the global war on terror and those of a White House increasingly focused on the coming Presidential election. A dramatic alteration of U.S. strategy for combating Islamic extremism may be in the offing, prompted by a growing crisis in Pakistan. Its effect may be as dramatic as the shift of the Soviet Union from World War II ally to Cold War enemy. The pace of events is rapid and the sweep broad. A Course To Stay begins in Washington and ends in Afghanistan, with London, Paris, Ankara, Islamabad, and Karachi in between.

As in his earlier novel, An Opaque War, the author tells his story through the day-to-day interaction of his characters, all drawn with real-world believability, from the President to the leader of the international Islamic jihad, to CIA field officers dealing with the challenges of Pakistan and Afghanistan. His command of insider detail and finely tuned ear for authentic dialogue, against a background of real-world global issues, puts the reader in the company of a compelling cast of personalities conducting the high-stakes affairs of their nations, their business ventures, and their God-driven crusades.