A Secret Life: The Polish Colonel, His Covert Mission and the Price He Paid to Save His Country

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In August 1972 Polish colonel Ryszard Kuklinski, frustrated by the Soviet domination of his country, took a dramatic step that endangered his own life and the security of his family. He contacted the American Embassy in Bonn and arranged a secret meeting. Over the next nine years, Kuklinski rose quickly in the Polish defense ministry, helping to prepare for a "hot war" with the West. But he also lived a double life of subterfuge-of dead drops, messages written in invisible ink, miniature cameras, and secret transmitters.

In 1981, he gave the CIA the secret plans to crush Solidarity. Then, about to be discovered, he made a dangerous escape with his family to the West. Now in paperback with a new introduction, A Secret Life is a fascinating exploration of the morally complex world of the Cold War, seen through the eyes of a great-and deeply conflicted-spy.