International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence, Volume 28, Issue 3, Fall 2015

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Articles Spider Web: Al-Qaeda's Link to the Intelligence Agencies of the Major Powers Sergio E. Sanchez Intelligence and U.S. National Security Policy Richard A. Best Jr. Lessons Learned from the CIA's Assessment of the Soviet Economy Timothy R. Walton The Role of Think Tanks in the U.S. Security Policy Environment Lars Nicander Intelligence Reform in Brazil: A Long, Drawn-Out Process Thomas C. Bruneau Intelligence and the Significance of a Secret Agent's Personality Traits Iztok Podbregar, Ga_per Hribar & Teodora Ivanu_a Li Kenong and the Practice of Chinese Intelligence Peter L. Mattis Intelligence Sharing Practices Within NATO: An English School Perspective Adriana N. Seagle HUMINT, OSINT, or Something New? Defining Crowdsourced Intelligence Steven A. Stottlemyre A Spy in Albania: Southern Albanian Oil and Morton Frederic Eden Lampros Psomas The Prisoner Robert D. Chapman