Picture Your ESP : Reveal Your Hidden Powers with Nu ESP Test by Alain Nu

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THIS ITEM WILL SHIP SEPARATELY UNTIL BACK IN STOCK. SCHEDULED SHIP TIME DECEMBER 20th. How psychic are you? Now you can test your own sense of psychic awareness - and you may just possibly amaze yourself! "Picture Your ESP! - Reveal Your Hidden Powers With The Nu ESP Test" is authored by international television mentalist Alain Nu, The Man Who Knows(tm). Star of the TLC network specials "The Mysterious World of Alain Nu," this unprecedented man of mystery has entertained audiences worldwide with his untold powers to foretell actions, reveal unspoken thoughts and create seemingly impossible phenomena. Over the past hundred years, major scientific laboratories have conducted research with stringent double-blind studies that have resulted in an interesting finding: We have an innate ability to manifest outcomes, predict future events, and receive telepathic information at an overall success rate that is, simply-put, above chance expectation. Interestingly this unique ability has remained consistent. What could this be? What could this mean? Could this be real? Can one hone this ability towards something that is practiced and developed? There's no better way to test this theory than to just try it! Alain Nu has specifically created 30 photographic "psychic-challenges" to develop and stretch the limits of your subconscious-sensitivity. While giving you immediate feedback and a way of thinking that opens you up to a different way of using your mind, you can now explore and adjust this nature within yourself. It's easy, it's playful, and it can be quite astonishing if you take the test as directed! In only 90-minutes with The Nu ESP Test and at far less than the cost of a visit to a psychic, you'll experience a paranormal journey into your mind filled with self-discovery, intuitive insights and ESPecially revealing results!