This Book Thinks You're a Math Genius

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This fill-in book helps children to think like mathematicians by introducing key mathematical concepts in a highly visual―and entertaining―way. Through fun activities and illustrations, This Book Thinks You̥re a Math Genius encourages young readers to engage with new ideas by experimenting and investigating for themselves. This Book Thinks You̥re a Math Genius explores seven key areas of math: geometry, space and volume, statistics, numbers and number patterns, codes and ciphers, and the concept of infinity. Each spread centers on an open-ended question that introduces a key mathematical concept and suggests activities that engage the child in a fun way. Activities include reading minds with math, having a eureka moment, and playing mathematical guess who. The end of the book includes a section of paper-based crafts. This creative approach, along with Russell̥s wonderfully humorous hand-drawn illustrations, make math fun and accessible for children.