Underground Bro Decoder

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Product Description Decipher codes Find patterns within communications Solve mysteries Create your own codes to use with other bros A UFO crash site has been discovered, and the ship is covered in unusual symbols. What do they mean? An evil doctor has concocted a super power-destroying virus and stored it in a secret vault. Can you crack the vault code and save the superheroes before it̥s too late? An army of dangerous insect-cyborgs is ready to swarm the planet. What̥s the key to their creation? Crack these codes and more with UNDERGROUND BRO DECODER. Features an adjustable, metal SECRET BRO-CODER Ring for ciphering and deciphering codes! Includes a SECRET BRO-CODER Wheel that matches the ring exactly so bros can write coded messages to each other. Flip to the back of the book for Secret Messages disguised as receipts, drawings, and more. The government needs all the help it can get. So get crackin̥ with UNDERGROUND BRO DECODER.