International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence, Volume 26, Issue 1, Spring 2013

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Articles Reagan, Intelligence, Casey, and the CIA: A Reappraisal Nicholas Dujmovic A Disputation on Intelligence Reform and Analysis: My 18 Theses Mark M. Lowenthal Ethics and Intelligence: A Debate Sir David Omand & Mark Phythian Awaiting History's Judgment: The GDR's Erich Mielke Jefferson Adams Intelligence Assessment Regarding Social Developments: The Israeli Experience Eyal Pascovich Slovenia's Intelligence Oversight and Audit Experience Mojca Ferjančič Podbregar, Andrej An_ič & Iztok Podbregar Intelligence Analysis as a Manifestation of a Grounded Theory Eran Zohar Subversion of Social Movements by Adversarial Agents Eric L. Nelson What is Being Published in Intelligence? A Study of Two Scholarly Journals Miron Varouhakis BOOK REVIEWS Robert D. Chapman Robert W. Pringle Jr. J. Ransom Clark Timothy R. Walton Nigel West