International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence, Volume 26, Issue 2, Summer 2013

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Articles Truth and Mirage: The Cuba-Venezuela Security and Intelligence Alliance Kevin Ginter Consolidating Democracy: The Reform of Mongolian Intelligence Jargalsaikhan Mendee & Adiya Tuvshintugs Intelligence in the Twitter Age Joshua Rovner The Use of Intelligence in the Private Sector Gustavo DÌÎÌãÌ´_az Matey Combating Illegal Immigration, Terrorism, and Organized Crime in Greece and Italy John M. Nomikos Realism, Constructivism, and Intelligence Analysis Ralf G. V. Lillbacka Academics as Strategic Stakeholders of Intelligence Organizations: A View from Spain RubÌÎÌãÌ´å©n Arcos The Politicization of Intelligence: A Comparative Study URI BAR-JOSEPH An Intelligence Mystery of Long Ago Robert D. Chapman Religion and Intelligence John D. Stempel BOOK REVIEWS Robert D. Chapman Benjamin B. Fischer John Hollister Hedley William M. Nolte Nigel West