International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence, Volume 29, Issue 1, Spring 2016

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Articles The Temptation of Intelligence Politicization to Support Diplomacy Michael Rubin The Press as an Agent of Oversight: The NSA Leaks Glenn P. Hastedt Doubles Troubles: The CIA and Double Agents during the Cold War Benjamin B. Fischer Grounded Before Takeoff: The 1966 Decision to Cancel the A-12 OXCART Eric P. Swanson The Air Force's Predictive Battlespace Awareness: The Siren Song of Ender's Game Michael W. Fowler Bringing Non-Western Cultures and Conditions into Comparative Intelligence Perspectives: India, Russia, and China Matthew Crosston The Scharff Technique: On How to Effectively Elicit Intelligence from Human Sources P_r Anders Granhag, Steven M. Kleinman & Simon Oleszkiewicz From Cooperation to Competition: Economic Intelligence as Part of Spain's National Security Strategy Gustavo D̥az Matey Johnny Abbes and the Hunt for the Assassins Robert D. Chapman