Adventure Games: Discover the Story-Monochrome, Inc.

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We all love the ability to choose what we want to do and see what takes place. (We love even more when we can get a chance to redo some of those choices.) That's why the Choose Your Own Adventure books came to be and why various cooperative board games and video games have shown up! If you've explored some Point & Click adventure games and want to get some friends together to play one out in real life, it's time to look at Adventure Games!


The glory of the interactive game comes to board game form from the minds at KOSMOS in the form of Monochrome Inc., part of the Adventure Games series. In this game, gather friends to play out narratives through various turns. You'll begin by laying out locations and choosing character cards. Receive equipment cards and start exploring to find out what nefarious activities are taking place in this corporate office. Players may investigate rooms, each labeled with a three-digit number and acquire items, each labeled with a two-digit number. The adventure book gives you all the details as you choose what to do each round. For example, you may try to use items with other items or locations. Munch on some dog food (#12) in office number 102? Just combine the lowest to largest numbers and read #12-102 in your adventure book to see what happens.

16 +

1-4 players