Adventure Games: Discover the Story- The Dungeon

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The developers of the at-home Exit games at KOSMOS bring even more adventure to your doorstep! Now, rather than trying to escape strange rooms in board game style, you can your friends can dive into the mysterious dungeon to see what lurks within. Part of their new Adventure Games series, The Dungeon awaits its newest explorers.


If you've ever enjoyed a point & click video game or the fun narratives of the Choose Your Own Adventure book, it is time to explore the Adventure Games series. In this board and card game, you and friends will take turns exploring the various locations of The Dungeon and using discovered items to play out a narrative before your eyes. Choose your character and receive equipment. Then, begin exploring by selecting 3-digit numbered locations or using 2-digit numbered items. Consult the adventure book and read aloud your discoveries. If you want to interact with objects or locations, combine the numbers from smallest to largest to discover what occurs. Is that mysterious skeleton key (#10) just dying to be tested on the crooked door in the damp room (#111)? Check out passage 10-111 and find out if you've made a good... or very dangerous choice! With hit point mechanics that evolve the other games in this series, your ending might come a little sooner than expected!


Discover the story of the mysterious dungeon hiding in the foggy world of KOSMOS' new Adventure Games series. Find one of many possible endings and see if you can survive in this immersive narrative exploration.


1-4 players