Noor Inayat Khan (Choose Your Own Adventure)

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Choose Your Own Adventure SPIES: Noor Inayat Khan by Rana Tahir puts YOU in the shoes of a real-life Princess turned war hero and spy. 9-12 year old readers will brave the many dangers of war, and ultimately become the first female radio operator to enter Nazi-occupied France during World War II.

Choose Your Own Adventure SPIES: Noor Inayat Khan is an interactive adventure book in which YOU decide what happens next.

YOU are the world’s first Princess Spy and Britain’s first Muslim war heroine, Noor Inayat Khan. You grew up in a life of luxury, but when World War II begins, your dreams of traveling the world and helping people are quickly changed, and you leave your easy life of royalty behind to spy for the Resistance as a British secret agent. Did the lessons of your royal life prepare you for the realities of war?