Essential Wilderness Navigation: A Real-World Guide to Finding Your Way Safely in The Woods with or Without a Map and Compass


This comprehensive, modern guide teaches outdoor enthusiasts how to become experts on what is arguably the most important wilderness survival skill despite and even because of the GPS. Top wilderness trainer and author, Craig Caudill, is back with his third wilderness book, this time partnering with fellow navigation expert Tracy Trimble to teach readers all the ins and outs of safely finding their way in the woods. Land navigation remains an essential survival skill, even in the age of the GPS. Craig and Tracy have stories from their search and rescue recovery trips where hikers and other adventurers relied too heavily on electronic navigation devices that failed. GPS units are surprisingly fragile; they can easily be damaged, get lost or run out of battery. People are becoming more aware of this issue and seeking safer solutions. This practical, modern guide teaches anyone to become a true wilderness expert by properly using the most reliable form of navigation—a map and compass. Readers will learn to check themselves with natural navigation skills such as reading the sky, flora and terrain, and utilize a GPS only as a backup. This fresh guide, like Craig’s other popular books, walks readers through common scenarios, with bonus foldout maps at the back that help outdoorsmen learn their skills by experience. Readers will not want to miss out on this enjoyable and relevant guide to mastering the most essential survival skill.

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