The Natural Navigator, 10th Anniversary Ed., by Tristan Gooley, Hardcover

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From the New York Times-bestselling author of The Secret World of Weather and The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs, rediscover nature by noticing the hidden clues all around you “A truly vital book for any outdoor adventurer.”—Cabin Life Before GPS, before the compass, and even before cartography, humankind was navigating. A windswept tree, the depth of a puddle, or a trill of birdsong could point the way home, and they still do—if you know how to look. With The Natural Navigator, his first book, Tristan Gooley invited us to notice the directional clues hidden all around: in the sun, moon, stars, clouds, weather patterns, lengthening shadows, changing tides, growing plants, and habits of wildlife. A decade after publication, this modern classic still reminds us that we can find south by joining the horns of the crescent moon—and find adventure in our own backyards. Now with a new preface and 16 brand-new photographs—for anyone interested in learning more about nature, wherever they are—an utterly original and highly appealing guide hailed by Science News as “a great primer on how the forces of nature affect the landscapes and seascapes that everyone travels through.”

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