Top Secret Goodie Bag (Spy Museum Exclusive)


This Top-Secret bag includes six of our best-selling favors. Operation Spy Rearview Glasses: Each lens is specially treated so that you can look straight ahead and spy on people behind you! A Spy Museum Exclusive! Decoder Spy Pen (Pen Color May Vary): This super spy pen is perfect for super sleuths. Write a message in invisible ink and use the pen's UV flashlight (decoder) to reveal the classified information. Disappearing Ink Bottle: Now you see it, now you don't! Communicate without leaving a trace with this disappearing blue ink that disappears in just minutes before your very eyes (1 fl oz). Right Angle Viewer: A handy little spy tool, great to hide in your pocket. You can use this like a miniature periscope to peek around corners and over couches. Good for keeping an eye on anything without visibly turning your head. Oval Spy Bumper Sticker. Top Secret Red Cinch Backpack Retail Value of Components $29.95. Savings with Kit = 50% off.

Pickup available at 700 L'Enfant Plaza Southwest

Usually ready in 2-4 days