SPY Secret Decoder Cypher Wheel

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Fully functional wooden cypher wheel. Natural finish. Twelve wooden disks, with engraved characters in a random order, rotate around a wooden spindle. The sequence of the disks is fixed. Turning these disks allows words to be scrambled and unscrambled; thus, secret message can be coded and decoded.

Detailed instructions: Starting from the left, spell out the message you want to create by rotating each disk to line up the letters of your message. For example - HAPPYBDAYJOE Slowly turning the entire spindle will show row after row of random scrambled letters. For example - KEMSNFPQNZPE This is your encrypted message. You may now scramble up the entire cylinder. The person to decode the message realigns the scrambled message "KEMSNFPQNZPE" As they slowly rotate the cylinder, scanning each row, the message "HAPPYBDAYJOE" will be readily apparent. FUN!!!!