The Care Go GPS Locator and Tracker

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The Care Go™GPS Locator and Tracker is a next-generation Bluetooth device designed to save lives and give peace of mind. Working together with the Care Go App on a smartphone, Care Go™ can send out an SOS signal with a person’s location to multiple emergency contacts. Care Go is a silent alarm, so it sends out the call for help discretely with just a simple pull.  It can also be used for real-time tracking with the Follow Me Mode so you can track a loved one as they travel and make sure they arrive safely (such as a child walking to school).  It can also locate valuables with the Finder mode.  Additionally, the Stay Here Mode can instantly notify you if a child wanders too far off at a shopping mall, park, etc. or you get too far away from your luggage when traveling.  Small, lightweight yet durable, it is the perfect safety and security device.  It is made of high-quality anodized aluminum and is water and dust-resistant (rated IP65).  It uses Bluetooth 5 technology ensuring a fast, reliable connection.  Its built-in rechargeable battery needs to be charged only once a year.



 SOS Mode: Care Go pushes alerts through smartphones to unlimited emergency contacts at the same time via Care Go App in both Android and iOS.

 Real-Time GPS: The SOS signal includes the real-time GPS location so you can get help right away.

 Follow Me Mode: The Care Go can be used to track a person as they travel so you can make sure they arrive safely

 Finder Mode: Can be used to find lost valuables such as keys, phones, etc.

 Stay Here Mode: Instantly notifies you if your child (or luggage) gets too far away from you.

 Bluetooth 5 technology: The latest in Bluetooth technology ensures a stable connection up to 100 feet.

 No monthly fees: Unlike other devices with tracking that require a monthly fee.

 Rechargeable battery: Care Go has a built-in rechargeable battery that holds a charge for up to one year.




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