The Good Spy: The Life and Death of Robert Ames

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Pulitzer Prize- winning biographer Kai Bird tells of the remarkable life and death of one of the most important operatives in CIA history, Robert Ames. Through Birds personal connection to Ames family, he gained access to his personal correspondence and range of contacts. Eventually more than forty retired CIA and Mossad officers told Bird their memories of Ames. Those seasoned spies all seemed to feel that they had been waiting for someone to tell the incredible story of Bob Ames, and how he carefully cultivated his ten-year relationship with Ali Hassan Salameh, Yasir Arafats intelligence chief.

This highly clandestine relationship between the CIA and the PLO planted the seeds for the Oslo peace process. Bird also discovered the mastermind behind the embassy bombing that killed Ames. The assassin is alive and welland guests will be shocked by the revelation of where he now resides.