Unbored Disguises Kit

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Have you ever wanted to change your identity? The popular UNBORED book series comes to life through this clever kit that will kick kids' creativity into high gear. Packed with sideburns, mustaches and beards; glasses, gloves, gauze, an eye patch, fake teeth and temporary tattoos can be mixed and matched to make both serious and silly disguises. The 16-page instruction booklet includes bonus information on how to make fake scars and invisible ink.

• TOYS THAT TEACH: This seriously fun activity kit will teach your child about creative thinking.

• FUN FOR ALL: Boys, girls and the whole family can create sneaky, outrageous identities with this deluxe disguise kit.

• FIELD GUIDE: The 16 page filed guide features sample disguises and sneaky secrets for changing you look, accent, even the way you walk!

• BONUS INFORMATION: We have also included great tips on how to make fake scars and invisible ink.

• INCLUDES: Over 30 disguise components. This kits has everything you'll need from temporary tattoos to glasses and fake teeth- in order to go undercover.

Ages 4 and up