Unplugged Travel Game Bundle Level 2

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We have thoughtfully selected these Unplugged travel bundles, so you do not have to. Recommended ages 8-100. A great selection of family friendly games, perfect for on the go! 

Exit The Game: The House Of Riddles

  • Unique storyline: in this adventure from the exit: the game series, players are summoned to an abandoned house to solve a mystery, but upon arrival, they get locked Inside! Can you crack The case and escape? 
  • Up to 4 players work together to solve a series of riddles and puzzles, crack codes, and escape!

L.L.A.M.A. Card Game

  • Play cards to continue a sequence but collect markers for cards you’re unable to play. If you get rid of all your cards, you get rid of a marker, too

Spy Mad Libs

  • "Every stinky spy needs a pair of X-ray baseballs, an invisible penguin, and a spy mobile equipped with all the most silly features!"
  • Sounds like someone has been playing Spy Mad Libs! Play them with friends or enjoy them by yourself!

Puzzleman: Cubed Crusader

  • This quirky wooden puzzle will put your problem-solving skills to the ultimate test! Mission one is to transform the cube into Puzzleman. Mission two is to turn him back into a cube.

  • Puzzleman comes with two blank faces so customers can give their puzzle-themed superhero his own unique appearance. Will you make him a hero or a villain?

*Spy Museum exclusive tote bag included*