Your Grandparents Are Ninjas (Choose Your Own Adventure)

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Your Grandparents Are Ninjas by Anson Montgomery takes YOU on a daring adventure with your grandma and grandpa, who aren't exactly as they seem! Your 6-8 year old reader will chase after the notorious Jewel Ninja, rescue a wedding cake from hungry baby raccoons, and boogie on the dance floor!

Choose Your Own Adventure Your Grandparents Are Ninjas is an interactive adventure book in which YOU decide what happens next.

The Japanese superstar singer Akiko Yosano - the "Princess of J-Pop" - is getting married at your grandparents' fancy inn. There are reporters and photographers everywhere, and in all the excitement, the sneaky Jewel Ninja has stolen the Princess's diamond tiara! Do you run into the hedge maze to look for the thief? Or help Grandpa investigate the nearby cave? Or does Grandma need help taking on the Jewel Crew? Paperback, 80 pages, Pre-K thru 3, 6 to 8 years old

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